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Bally Alpha 2 Pro V22-22 Hammer Head.png

Alpha 2 Pro V22

Hammer Head


                        Height  75" (191 cm)

                        Width  32" (81 cm)

                        Depth  22" (56 cm)



Features and Benefits:

The Alpha 2 Pro V.22 with Hammerhead video cabinet takes wide screen high-definition video to the next level.  The Hammerhead top box allows for an innovative top box bonus feature that attracts players. This machine works with all Bally Alpha games that support the Hammerhead top box feature, and is powered by the Alpha 2 core processing technology.  This machine features complete download platform if configured by iDeck and has high definition 22” touch screen displays and a 32” top box display.

          Available Platforms:

                     Alpha 2 Pro 2.0

                     Alpha 2 Pro 2.1


          Button Panel:



          Bill Validator Options

                     JCM UBA

                     JCM iVision

                     Mars Cashflow

                     Mars Cashflow Advanced


          Printer Options

                     Gen 2 Universal

                     Gen 2 RS232

                     Gen 3

                     Ithica 950

                     Hand pay

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