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AVP Trimline


                        Height 55"  (140 cm)

                        Width 22.25" (56 cm)

                        Depth 24.75" (48.9 cm)

                        Weight  250 pounds (113 Kg)


Features and Benefits:

The IGT Trimline offers the option of a top monitor (17” LCD) in place of top glass, in addition.  Trimline games have bonus features multi-line and multi-credit games.  While now available on the AVP 2.0 and 2.5 platforms, the Trimline can also play many of the ever-popular 044 games. 


Available Platforms

            AVP 2.0

            AVP 2.5


 Bill Validator Options

            JCM UBA

            JCM iVision

            Mars Cashflow


Printer Options

            Gen 2 Universal

            Gen 2 Netplex

            Ithica 950

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