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xd meta.png

Bluebird XD Meta


                  Height 71"

                        Width 29"

                        Depth 30"



Features and Benefits:

The BLUEBIRD®2e cabinet is loaded with features that make it one of the industry’s most innovative cabinets — from quality and ergonomics to usability and supportability. Features such as emotive lighting that integrates with game play to enhance the game and player experience, as well as the dual high-definition displays and the dynamic, programmable button panel will make this machine an engaging favorite on the casino floor.

  • Powerful CPU-NXT®2 technology platform

  • Dynamic and fully programmable button panel

  • Dual 22” widescreen high-definition displays

  • Completely digital platform

  • Allows for all aspects of server-based gaming

  • Slim 21 1/2” profile

  • Designed for industry standard 18” high stand

  • Emotive lighting enhances game play and player experience


Bill Validator Options

                  JCM UBA

                  JCM iVision

                  Mars Cashflow


Printer Options

                  Gen 2 Universal

                  Gen 2 Netplex

                  Gen 3 Universal

                  Gen 3 Netplex

                  Ithica 950

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