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Bluebird 3 in

Bluebird 2 Cabinet


                  Height 56" (141 cm)

                        Width 25" (64 cm)

                        Depth 22" (55 cm)

                        Weight 255 lbs (114 kg)


Features and Benefits:

All the features of a BB2 Cabinet (emotive lighting at te top and bottom of the cabinet and is powered by the CPU-NXT2 technology platform.  The Bluebird 2 is on a complete digital platform, is fully programmable and features two 22” widescreen HD displays) but playing BB3 games.

Bill Validator Options

                  JCM UBA

                  JCM iVision

                  Mars Cashflow


Printer Options

                  Gen 2 Universal

                  Gen 2 Netplex

                  Gen 3 Universal

                  Gen 3 Netplex

                  Ithica 950

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