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WMS Gaming Blade s32.png

Blade S32


Features and Benefits:

Built for premium content and designed to provide a superior slot experience, the Blade™ s32 boasts dual 32-inch, high-definition displays, digital audio, and a unique angled 10.4-inch tablet-like button panel with a multi-touch screen that players will find familiar and user-friendly. The s32 also has superior graphic capabilities, fast boot times, emotive lighting and remarkable player-comfort and ergonomics.

  • Dual 32-inch HD displays with fast refresh rates

  • Superior graphic capabilities and fast boot times

  • High-quality digital audio

  • Superior comfort and ergonomics

  • Generous deck storage space

  • Angled 10.4-inch tablet button panel for improved usability

Bill Validator Options

                  JCM UBA

                  JCM iVision

                  Mars Cashflow


Printer Options

                  Gen 2 Universal

                  Gen 2 Netplex

                  Gen 3 Universal

                  Gen 3 Netplex

                  Ithica 950

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