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Concerto Slant


Features and Benefits:

The Concerto Slant features a lower profile with a relaxed angle posture for comfort and convenience. Similar to the original, the Concerto Slant boasts dual 27” HD game screens and supports any KP3+ platform game found on the Concerto Upright.


  • Dual 27” high definition displays

  • KP3+ platform

  • KP3 platform backwards compatible

  • Touchscreen button panel

  • Easy-reach center spin button

  • Available touchscreen button deck

  • Low-profile, relaxed-angle posture

  • Optional topper for varied sightlines

Bill Validator Options

                     JCM UBA

                     JCM iVision

                     Mars Cashflow

                     Mars Cashflow Advanced


Printer Options

                     Gen 2 Universal

                     Gen 2 RS232

                     Gen 3

                     Ithica 950

                     Hand pay

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