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Super A560


                        Height 65" (180 cm)

                        Width 28" (72 cm)

Features and Benefits:


The Ainsworth Super A560 provides exciting games in Ainsworth’s top performing cabinet.  With a 32” high definition display, a 19 inch optional topper, a unique lighting package, and breathtaking animations with premium sound, the A560 is an excellent choice for any casino or game room.


  • Classic cabinet design

  • Triple HD resolution touchscreen LCD monitor

  • Up to 18 play-button deck with OLED programmable option

  • Easy access to peripherals

  • Available in multiple cabinet variants

  • 2 x 22” LCD displays + 1 x 19” LCD display

  • Power efficient

  • User-friendly configuration menus


Bill Validator Options

                     JCM UBA

                     JCM iVision

                     Mars Cashflow

                     Mars Cashflow Advanced


Printer Options

                     Gen 2 Universal

                     Gen 2 RS232

                     Gen 3

                     Ithica 950

                     Hand pay


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