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                        Height 63" (160 cm)

                        Width 25" (63.4 cm)

                        Depth 23.6 (60 cm)


Features and Benefits:


The A640 premium cabinet is Ainsworth’s biggest and brightest in history. The sleek, 40-inch LCD touchscreen monitor capture’s players’ attention.  This game also includes a top-notch surround sound and a LCD button deck making it a hit among players and casino operators.



·         LCD Button Deck with Bash Button

·         27-inch Optional LCD Topper

·         Upgraded 5.1 Surround Sound Package

·         Improved Graphics and Animations

·         Debuts with Licensed Content


Bill Validator Options

                     JCM UBA

                     JCM iVision

                     Mars Cashflow

                     Mars Cashflow Advanced


Printer Options

                     Gen 2 Universal

                     Gen 2 RS232

                     Gen 3

                     Ithica 950

                     Hand pay


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