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G20 Upright


                        Height 47" (119 cm)

                        Width 21.25 " (54cm)

                        Depth 22½" (57 cm)

                        Weight  223 lbs (101 kg)


Features and benefits:

The G20 features a 20-inch 16:9 high-definition standard display or can be configured with an MLD display using LED backlighting.  The G23 is powered by AVP technology, has multi-line and multi-credit games, bonus features and enhanced sound and graphics.

Available Platforms

                        AVP 2.5

                        AVP 3.0


Button Panel Options




Bill Validator Options

                        JCM UBA

                        JCM iVision

                        Mars Cashflow


Printer Options

                        Gen 2 Universal

                        Gen 2 Netplex

                        Gen 3 Universal

                        Gen 3 Netplex

                        Ithica 950

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