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g23 slant.png

G23 Slant


                        Height 65 inches (165.1 cm)

                        Width 28 inches (71.1 cm)

                        Depth 33 inches (83.8 cm)

                        Weight 330 pounds (149.7 Kg)



Features and Benefits:

• 23” full high-definition quality and 22” MLD® models add flexibility and an upgraded solution to the floor

• Built for the Core product line; game play expands past the interface for added entertainment value – 22” 16:10 MLD display and 23” 16:9 LCD display

• Increased personal space for a more enjoyable gaming experience

• Brighter, faster display with a custom sound solution – Custom attract and crown lighting – AVP® 3.0M electronics – Full-featured Audiovox sound system

• Easier to service

• Runs current and future AVP games and is server- based ready

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