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Game King 17” Upright


                        Height 48.25" (122 cm)

                        Width 23.75" (60 cm)

                        Depth 20.25" (51 cm)

                        Weight  250 pounds (113 Kg)


Features and Benefits:

The Game King contains games including black jack, poker variations, keno variations and slot variations.  Game Kings are available on the 039 (12 games) and 044 (32 game) platforms.  Game Kings can be configured for TITO or hand pay.

            Available Platforms



                        044 Legacy


            Bill Validator Options (IDO 24)

                        JCM WBA

                        JCM UBA

                        JCM iVision

                        Mars Cashflow


            Printer Options

                        Gen 2 Universal

                        Gen 2 Netplex

                        Ithica 950

                        Hand pay

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