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Available Games

Universal Slant


                        Height  66.4" (168.9m) [Without topper]

                        Width  24" (61 cm)

                        Depth 22" (56 cm)

                        Weight 228 lbs (103 kg)

Features and Benifits:

The Universal Slant supports both the 22” 16:10 MLD display or the 23” 16:9 LCD display.  It comes available for 3, 4 or 5 reel games and has edge-lit dynamic buttons.  The Universal Slant is powered by AVP 3.0M electronics and has a full-featured Audiovox sound system.  Enhanced lighting makes this machine attractive, and the machine features crown lighting, a vibrant topper and lighted cabinet features with synchronized colors that correspond to the game’s theme.  This game has the optios fo mechanical reels and MLD.

Available Platforms

            AVP 3.0


Monitor Options

            Standard 23”

            MLD 23”


Button Panel Options




Bill Validator Options

            JCM UBA

            JCM iVision

            Mars Cashflow


Printer Options

             Gen 2 Universal

             Gen 2 Netplex

             Gen 3 Universal

             Gen 3 Netplex

             Ithica 950

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