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Aristocrat - Helix.png

Helix Upright


                        Height (w/ topper) 61.6" (156 cm)

                        Height (w/o topper) 48.1" (122 cm)

                        Width 25.2" (57.6 cm)

                        Depth 25" (63.5 cm)


Features and Benefits:


The Aristocrat Helix Upright Cabinet in ergonomically designed and features innovative lighting and an eye-popping topper. The Helix has dual 23” 16:9 LCD backlit full displays, immersive rear surface ambient lighting and a quad sound package.

The Helix upright slot machine features:

  •          Infinity edged frameless displays

  •          Dual 23” 16:9 LED backlit full HD displays

  •          Selectable edge and pinstripe lighting

  •          Immersive rear surface ambient lighting

  •          Stylish champagne finish

  •          Quad sound package


Bill Validator Options

                 JCM UBA

                 JCM iVision

                 Mars Cashflow

                 Mars Cashflow Advanced


Printer Options

                 Gen 2 Universal

                 Gen 2 RS232

                 Gen 3

                 Ithica 950

                 Hand pay

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