Height 51.25" (130 cm)

                        Width 21.25" (54 cm)

                        Depth 20.75" (53 cm)

                        Weight  250 lbs (113.4 Kg)


Features and Benefits:

The IGT SMLD (slot multi layer display) combines IGT’s powerful AVP platform with 3D technology.  The SMLD has dual 20” backlit 16:9 LCDS and is both multi-themed and mutli-denomination capable. 


Available Platforms

            AVP 2.0

            AVP 2.5


Bill Validator Options

           JCM UBA

           JCM iVision

           Mars Cashflow


Button Panel




Printer Options

            Gen 2 Universal

            Gen 2 Netplex

            Gen 3 Universal

            Gen 3 Netplex

            Ithica 950