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Veridian Widescreen


                        Height 44 inches (110 cm)

                        Width 21 inches (54 cm)

                        Depth 17 inches (42 cm)

                        Weight 240 pounds (110 Kg)


Features and Benefits:


Powered by the GEN7™ platforms, the Viridian WS (Wide Screen) gives players an enjoyable gaming entertainment experience with improved ergonomics, 13 button panel support, exciting new programmable LCD button technology, easier accessibility and larger 22" LCD screens.



            Red Board (preferred)

            Green Board


Bill Validator Options

                     JCM UBA

                     JCM iVision

                     Mars Cashflow

                     Mars Cashflow Advanced


Printer Options

                      Gen 2 Universal

                      Gen 2 RS232                    

Gen 3

                     Ithica 950

                     Hand pay

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